Dhaulagiri Region

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Home to the seventh highest mountain in the world, Mt. Dhaulagiri standing tall at the altitude of 8,167m above sea level, the Dhaulagiri region is the comparatively least explored trekking regions of Nepal. Dhaulagiri is a Sanskrit word which implies, “The White Beautiful Mountain”, trekking in the Dhaulagiri region is just as beautiful as the name itself. To be more precise, Dhaulagiri is a gigantic massif with a blend of six mountaintops. Located at the Western Region of Nepal, it is a choice of veteran trekkers who loves exploring the unexplored.  

Though it is one of the most rural places in Nepal, the renowned trekking sites like Mustang, Muktinath, Kali Gandaki Valley come under this region. Whereas, Mt. Dhaulagiri is one of the major attractions of the Dhaulagiri region without a doubt. Parted from the well-known Annapurna Region by the deepest gorge in Nepal, the Kali Gandaki Valley, Dhaulagiri is home to the more than a dozen of peaks above 7,000m. Moreover, the only hunting reserve of Nepal viz. Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve also dwells within this very region. Likewise, the unique ethnic group of Magar resides at the beginning of the trail whose lifestyle and culture are beyond the outer world and is worth to discover and acknowledge.

Trekking in Dhaulagiri region is relatively strenuous and arduous since you ought to make your way to through off-the-beaten-path and walking over moraine glacier. Along the way, you will get the opportunity to pass thru and rest in campsites named over various countries. Some of them are Italian Camp, American Camp, Japanese Camp, and finally, you will acclimatize in the Dhaulagiri Base Camp. As you reach the base camp of Dhaulagiri, you will be astounded with the vistas of icicles, lively sensation of avalanches, and panoramas of Dhaulagiri ranges.

As we continue our journey from Dhaulagiri Base Camp, we will reach the highest point of trekking in the Dhaulagiri region i.e. French Camp at the elevation of 5,360m. Onwards, you will get an opportunity to explore the hidden valley of Nepal which is one of the most winding valleys in Nepal. The astonishing marvels in there are factually incredible and enthralling. Continuing the journey, you will pass thru the famous Dhampus pass prior to the Dhampus peak or Thapa peak which is one of the noteworthy experiences of your lifetime.

The Yak Shelters are also an important aspect of trekking in the Dhaulagiri region. There is a place called Yak Kharka which is prominent for sheltering Yaks. A festival is celebrated there every year on which the people drink the blood of Yaks for medicinal propose and as a ritual. It is believed that the blood of Yaks is highly beneficial for health. The trek will end at the beautiful apple kingdom, Marpha, which is an ancient salt-trading route as well. The habitat there are Thakali people whose food and cuisine are highly reputed worldwide. In this way, one can get the best of nature, culture and adventure within a single trip in the Dhaulagiri region.

If you possess a first-rate physical fitness and you are able to tackle with the challenges during your trek walking thru the rugged trails as well as snow, along with some previous experience of high-altitude treks; then only you are eligible for trekking in Dhaulagiri region. Regarding the best season, the wisest choice would be the months of autumn and spring for vivid sceneries and favourable weather. Furthermore, it is also recommended to be prepared with some extra days as buffer days or for acclimatization as prevention of unconditional weather conditions.