Popularity of this trek

The Upper Mustang Trek via Teri La Pass is popular for adventurers in search of a pony trek together with high-altitude walks in the region. These tours take in quite a few excursions and cultural experiences such as a visit to the forbidden kingdom, food in a local teahouse, a hike to Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, crossing the high passes, uphill and downhill climbs, and camping.


Upper Mustang has a maximum altitude of 3,810m whereas the Upper Mustang Trek via Teri La Pass involves crossing the Teri La Pass which is at the maximum altitude of 5,700m. It is a valley surrounded by the Himalayan Range and has a dry, cold atmosphere with no vegetation and a desert-like landscape.

Lifestyle and Culture

The Upper Mustang Trek via Teri La Pass allows climbers to immerse themselves in the natural and cultural enrichment of the region. The locals still speak the Tibetan language and have a rich Buddhist culture. Due to its remote location, Tibetan culture has been preserved from the outside world. The Upper Mustang trek allows you to explore Buddhist architecture, art, culture, and tradition, as well as enjoying the amazing landscape of snowy peaks and gorges that have been referred to by previous trekkers as heaven on Earth. The people of Mustang are friendly and curious about new arrivals, and you will find children running out of the stone and sunbaked mud-brick houses along the route to greet you as you move through the region.

Special Permits for Restricted Areas

A highlight of the Upper Mustang Trek via Teri La Pass is the Annapurna Conservation Area which stretches throughout the Mustang region. Established in 1992, it is a restricted area managed by the National Trust for Nature Conservation. Moreover, since Upper Mustang is also a restricted area, you will be requiring a special permit for Upper Mustang as well which requires a minimum of 2 people in the group to issue. As well as, for the Teri La Pass, the trekkers ought to have a special permit of Nar Phu Valley. These permit costs are supposed to be spent upon the enhancement of the preservation of the region.

Fitness Required for this trek

The Upper Mustang Trek via Teri La Pass comprises trekking through the steepest gorges in the world, and across the stunning high-altitude desert and passes. Though prior trekking experience is not mandatory to join the trek with Nepal Mountain Trekkers. You shall be physically fit enough and have a passion for exploration along with regular exercising routines. It is an ideal trip for adventure pursuers who wish to immerse themselves in the Nepalese culture. 

Best time for this trek

The Upper Mustang region receives much less rainfall than other local areas even during the monsoon. Hence, the Upper Mustang Trek via Teri La Pass can be joined any time during the year. However, August and October are the peak visiting months, with other popular times coinciding with cultural celebrations such as the Tiji festival, which is known as the most colorful and significant festival in Upper Mustang. The festival marks the victory of good over evil and consists of meditation and dancing.