Useful informations of Upper Dolpo Trekking

A Little Bit of Introduction

Upper Dolpo is one of the least exposed places on Earth which is rarely traversed by the trekkers. We can hardly notice other trekkers along the trail. Due to its remoteness and difficult high passes along with the narrow off-the-beaten-track, only the brave-hearted and daring ones attempts the Upper Dolpo Trek.  But those who dare, they are really fortunate to explore this hidden valley of Nepal. There are countless treasures in the Upper Dolpo which are yet to be exposed.

The Snow Leopard, Caravan and The Crystal Mountain

Revealed by the great American author, Peter Matthiessen in his book “The Snow Leopard” and being the shooting spot of the first Nepali movie with English subtitles, “Himalaya” or “Caravan” by Éric Valli nominated for Best Foreign Film category at the 72nd Academy Awards, Upper Dolpo has been a dream place for many. Most of them include artists, naturalists, researchers, photographers, and obviously natural lovers and explorers. Apart from that, the existence of the holy mountain viz. the Crystal Mountain pursues pilgrims to Upper Dolpo every year.

World's Deepest Lake, Panoramas and Buddhist Monuments

One of the major attractions of Upper Dolpo Trek includes the world’s deepest lake, Shey Phoksundo Lake. Trekkers can achieve the authentic experience of exposing the rare and endangered flora and fauna, the rural and isolated lifestyle and culture of the people, as well as the jaw-dropping panoramas of the Himalayas. Besides, the holy and spiritual Buddhist monuments including Monasteries, Chortens, Prayer flags, Mani walls, and so on along the trail convey positive and peaceful vibes.

Communicating with Locals

Communicating with the locals is somehow difficult in Upper Dolpo. Most of the people speak Tibetan and rarely do some people understand Nepali so there is an extremely lower probability of finding people who could speak English. However, we do have guides who belong to Upper Dolpo so it won’t be a matter of trouble. Whereas, we hire local people as porters in order to provide earning opportunities to the unemployed and enhance trekking experience further with natives.

More about Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo Trek, a trek that takes you into the wild and makes you step at the high passes and rural settlements. The trek takes place in the rain shadow area so time-frame is not a big deal to organize the trekking. Nevertheless, it is a long and challenging adventurous trekking activity that is literally demanding. So, one should be physically sound and prepared along with some previous experience in order to embark on this trek. For more information about Upper Dolpo Trek, please do not hesitate to contact Nepal Mountain Trekkers and clarify your curiosity.