Rolwaling valley is a natural beauty and mountaineers can expect to see a diverse array of vegetation, no matter which trekking route they decide to take. Gaurishankar National Park is a protected natural area in the Rolwaling area and is home to exotic flowers and vegetation that can't be found anywhere else in the world. Hiking through the park's oak forest is a tranquil experience that truly allows you to embrace your inner calm. Animal lovers won't be disappointed, as Himalayan tahrs, snow leopards and even the endangered red panda can be seen in the area. To see flowers in full bloom and more animals roaming freely, the best time to trek and climb in the area is between May and September; your climb will also be more enjoyable during this time as you're less likely to battle treacherous weather conditions. 

Culture and activities

With 3-7 possible acclimatization days ahead of you, you will want to fill your time with as many adventure activities as possible on your days off from peak climbing. These days give you a great chance to really explore your environment and learn more about Nepalis culture and the people you are sharing a village with; the area is mostly inhabited by Buddhist people and learning more about their religion can be truly enlightening.

Ditch the heavy climbing gear and set off on an amazing day hike, visiting every natural wonder in the Rolwaling region. Take a walk along Tsho Rolpa Lake, which is one of the biggest glacial lakes in Nepal. Alternately, find an elevated spot to rest your feet and simply admire the neighboring Gauri Shanker mountain in all its snowy glory. 

Pachermo peak isn't the only mountain to tackle, so come back to the region one day to tackle the Tashi Lapcha pass which involves a lot of steep climbing but is great fun to transverse. 

Safety considerations

The difficulty grade of the Rolwaling Trek and Pachermo Peak climb aren't nearly as high as Everest itself, but you should still go into the expeditions with some prior climbing experience. Some areas are steep and climbing on some days will be a strenuous task that you need to be fit enough to achieve. Towards the end of your climb, you can expect conditions to become icy and some routes might include glacial walks for which you need the correct climbing gear; crampons can stop you from slipping while a rope and carabiners can help you rappel across less accessible parts of the mountain. 

What are you waiting for? Nepal Mountain Trekkers can provide you with an unforgettable experience, so make sure you have the appropriate climbing permit and go off-the-beaten-track to experience the Rolwaling Trek and Pachermo Peak for yourself.