Useful informations of Rara Trek


The natural and cultural journey towards Rara Lake begins with a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj followed by another connecting flight to Simikot. Then we follow off the beaten path through beautiful villages, forested lands, grasslands, riverbanks, several ascends and descends for around ten days of adventure trekking to attain Rara. Accommodation during the trek would be a mixture of camping and homestay that provides us a real feeling of adventure with a chance to urge close with locals. Farming local produce with honey hunting also comes under the local profession living in these areas. Most of the local inhabitants are belong from poor underprivileged backward society unknown to modernization and complicated technologies. Their life isn't simple but simplicity is found in them. Therefore, travelers visiting this beautiful place also will play a significant role in uplifting their lifestyles. Tourism creates jobs. Also, Tourism is the main source of income and best thanks to supporting the local economy.

In this way, the magnificence of exploring rural areas around Rara Lake is continued for a number of more days towards Chauta, Nauri Ghat, and Jumla before catching a flight to Nepalgunj or we fly directly from Talcha to Nepalgunj. Finally after getting back to the capital city of Kathmandu concludes our naturally beautiful and culturally rich Rara Lake Trek.

Rara Lake and Rara National Park

Trekking around majestic Rara Lake is like watching a stunning piece of art. As a painter dissolves several colors and creates magic on his canvas; within a similar passion, nature has blended its colors and created a heavenly site offering an exclusive opportunity for visitors to witness amazing fantastic things about nature. While we rehearse lush green forests, invest our energy to urge on top of the valley, across pasture lands, and culturally rich villages; the authentic lifestyle of local inhabitants is experienced personally with utmost simplicity. Rara Lake itself is that the main highlight of this trip, which is the largest lake of Nepal in the smallest but diversified Rara park.  Believed to be the most beautiful park, it's covered with coniferous forest which is that the home to numerous floras and faunas.  Rare habitats like snow trout fish are merely found here at crystal clear water of Rara Lake. Whereas the park is additionally a great spot for bird watching and spotting other species like Danfe, cervid, etc. Kanjirowa Himal is reflected on Rara Lake on a transparent day creating the right panoramic picture that enchants every visitor of course.

Physical Fitness and Best Season

Rara Lake Trek isn't a high altitude trekking; therefore hypoxia shouldn't be a controversy. However, you need to be physically fit and will be able to take up challenges out in front of you while walking on the agricultural off the beaten trails. If you visit during spring months of March, April, and will, you may be endowed blossoming rhododendron trees. and through autumn season, weather is okay with crystal clear magnificent landscape and neighboring Himalayan views. So, if its Rara Lake Trek then makes it happen with Nepal Mountain Trekkers!