Useful informations of Rara Short Trek


A trip to Rara Lake is one of the foremost incredible and fascinating treks in all the Himalayan range. Rara short trek to Rara Lake begins at Talcha after a pair of short flights from Kathmandu to Nepaljung then to the mountainous airport of Talcha. Whereas, Rara Lake is barely half-day trek far from the Talcha Airport.


Enclosed by the plush vegetation all told directions, Rara Lake isn't only ringed by the pleasing woods of pine, spruce, and juniper, it also has many species of wildflowers and herbal plants prospering at its shores. Similarly, we trek to Murma top for the day exploration around this pristine Lake. As well as, for the good views of stunning Rara Lake, the luxurious forest surrounding it, and also the snow-capped mountain peaks soaring up to the skyline.

Lifestyle and cultures

Rara Lake Short Trek is simply the thing for the travel fanatics who are looking forward to remote and a grand solitude trek. During our course of the trip, we will be visiting the Murma Village where we can get glimpses into the lifestyle and cultures of individuals in small settlements who have made this heavenly place their home.

End of the trek

After exploring one more day, our short trek will come to an end with a return back to Talcha airport for a flight to Kathmandu. Nevertheless, our short trek also possesses two extra alternative routes moving through different places from the ninth. This means you shall have even plenty of opportunities to explore other unseen spots of this captivating region.

Physical Fitness and Best Season

In general, any fairly fit person can embark upon Rara Short Trek as this trek doesn’t take in many challenging topographies. Whereas, March to June and September to November will be considered because of the best trekking season for this trek. And this trek is possible to organize even during the monsoon June to September because it sits within the area area.