Useful informations of Panch Pokhari – Tilman Pass

A Quick Introduction

Panch Pokhari – Tilman Pass trek is a trip full of eye-dazzling sceneries and jaw-dropping panoramas along with thrills and tingling. Whereas, the deep insight into the lifestyle and culture of various ethnic groups including Tamang, Magar, Sherpas, Gurung, Rai, Limbu, and so on is also an important aspect of this trek. Moreover, the diverse and unusual climatic and geographical assortment is certainly noteworthy.

Our Journey

The walk up to our destination i.e Panch Pokhari and Tilman Pass is accompanied by the lush bushes, striking waterfalls, suspension bridges, and cultural hamlets with mesmerizing sceneries of the Himalayas in the backdrop. The region of Panch Pokhari is encompassed by the numerous Himalayas which are Langtang Himalayan Range, Jugal Himalayan Range, Mt. Dorje Lakpa, Mt. Phurbi Chyaachu, Mt. Madiya, and others. Besides, lots of historical places, religious places, Caves, and naturally beautiful lakes are other significant entities for the noble experience.

Langtang National Park is one of the important aspects of Panch Pokhari – Tilman Pass Trek. Trekkers shall walk thru this protected area and should have issued a special permit to enter this very province. There are hundreds and thousands of species of wildlife, birds, and vegetation, and among them are some of the rarest and extinct as well.

Janai Purnima Festival and Pilgrimages

Panch Pokhari – Tilman Pass Trek is an implausibly mind-boggling and divine trek that is visited by many Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimages every year. Especially during the Janai Purnima festival of the Hindus which is celebrated in the month of August, Panch Pokhari is visited by thousands of pilgrims from Nepal, India, and other nations practicing Hinduism. And the Panch Pokhari region is globally recognized as the ninth high wetland of the globe which is still unspoiled by urbanization. Hence, the Panch Pokhari – Tilman Pass Trek is one of the ideal options for those looking for a spiritual, tranquil, and picturesque trek.

Eligibility and Best Time

However, the journey is not that simple for everyone. The trek is comprised of off-the-beaten tracks, narrow and cosy pathways, several high passes and requires hours of walks every day. Thus, previous experience and proper physical fitness with daily exercising routine are highly recommended to be compatible with this trek. Panch Pokhari – Tilman Pass Trek can be organized anytime around the year but during winter and rainy seasons, the trail is riskier and more complicated due to the cold and rain as well as the obscuring weather is not worthy to enjoy a whole lot of trek. So, we do recommend to plan your trek during the months of autumn and spring for a proper trekking experience of Panch Pokhari – Tilman Trek.