Useful informations of Paldor Peak Climbing

Other highlights of this memorable mountain adventure

One of the reasons Paldor Peak is popular for adventure trekking and mountaineering holidays is that it is highly accessible due to its close proximity to Kathmandu. This makes it a short but technical peak to conquer, with the added benefit of no crowds and the opportunity to enjoy climbing holidays of less than two weeks. 

Under the expert guidance of the team from Nepal Mountain Trekkers, you can expect to go off the beaten trail during your trek and climb vacation. We know all the secrets and most fascinating aspects of this expedition route.

Among the traditions and rituals, you will experience, will be glimpsing daily life in the Tamang village of Gatlang, one of the various national treasures in the Ruby Valley, the spectacular backdrop of one of the most diverse and unforgettable trekking and climbing options in Nepal.

What else to expect from a Ganesh region (Paldor Peak) climb?

This is most certainly an opportunity to climb “a road less traveled”. Though signs of mountain exploration – such as diamond mines and zinc mines - can be found, and indigenous mountain wildlife and alpine plants will be abundant. 

Glacial lakes, streams, and waterfalls have carved a fascinating mountain landscape for you to explore, with pristine snow and ice peppered by geologically significant and ancient rock formations.

The perfect peace and whiteness are contrasted at various stages by the lush greenery of Nepal’s majestic pine forests, and the proud trees and prayer flag displays that line the lower slopes of Himalayan mountain trails.

Preparation, planning and the best Paldor climbing experience

The name Ganesh is derived from the elephant-headed Hindu god responsible for good luck. Under the care of the Nepal Mountain Trekkers, you won’t need luck, as we leave nothing to chance.

While in Kathmandu and the Ganesh Himal region for your Paldor peak climb, your accommodation will be taken care of.

All your safety requirements – and your climbing permit and other paperwork – will also be in the capable hands of our well-trained professionals. They will constantly monitor your use of the climbing gears we provide too.

You will also have ample opportunity to enjoy delicious Nepalese cuisine, and experience the culture and lifestyle of this friendly and welcoming nation. 

You need to be physically fit to do the Paldor Peak climbing expedition in Nepal and confident with ice picks and crampons. You also need to be willing to face new challenges every day – including the thrill of nighttime climbing in the Himalayas - in pursuit of a holiday that will remain vivid in your memory forever.