Useful informations of Mardi Himal Trek

Other unforgettable holiday experiences on a Mardi trek

The gloriously diverse winding mountain paths of the Mardi Himal trek will show you far more than the wondrous panoramic views though. Every hour you will see the glorious features of nature unveil themselves, including intricate alpine flora and fauna, and magnificent lush forests of rhododendrons, maple, and bamboo.

Lurking beneath the canopy of ancient trees will be mountain wildlife up close. You may even enjoy sightings of snow leopards, black bears, and red pandas. Above you, soaring eagles and other birds of prey can be seen.

To show just how packed this trekking holiday in Nepal is, even your first and last days could be highlights. That’s because you will get unique guided insights into Pokhara city, the gateway to the Annapurna range. Make sure to see the stunning Tal Barahi Temple, perched on an island in Phewa Lake, and also the International Mountain Museum, which offers fascinating information of Himalayan heritage and the history of mountaineering.

Details of climbing Mardi Himal on a supported trek

Throughout this expertly guided trek adventure, you will be provided with the highest standards of bilingual support and information. This includes putting safety as the first priority, always.

Your Mardi Himal Trek will feature the warm hospitality – and delicious indigenous food – of Nepalese mountain villages high above the clouds. You will be able to experience Gurung culture first hand, staying with the indigenous people of this part of Nepal (they call themselves ‘Tamu’, which in the language of Tibet means horsemen). 

The best time for a Himalayan trek that includes Mardi massif is mid-September to November when the climate is at its most stable. However, as this is a peak time for trekking in Nepal, you may prefer to choose a quieter calendar slot for an adventure holiday, such as May to June. This is when the lower slopes are a sea of glorious flowers, forming a stunning contrast to the snow-capped peaks towering above.

A trek up Mardi is an ideal mountain holiday for beginners or long-time fans of trekking in the Himalayas. Moderate levels of fitness are required, and Nepal Mountain Trekkers make sure you have all the necessary equipment, coaching, and support to enjoy every step of your adventure holiday.