Useful informations of Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

Manaslu Tsum Valley

One of the most extreme regions in Nepal, the Manaslu Tsum Valley is a beautiful location for mountaineering and tent camps. Discover authentic Nepal and the amazing landscape on an adventure in this amazing region. Many have compared it to images of the Garden of Eden with its exquisite views and otherworldly topography. Far from just another mountain, this is a region that all explorers will want to discover. 

The Manaslu Tsum Valley passes sections of the Nile and has steep climbs and trails. There is a wide range of local wildlife and the local people who are friendly and welcoming to visitors. 

Topography and Climate

The local topography includes the astonishing Manaslu mountain, which translates to Mountain of the Spirit. It is the highest peak in the Gorkha district, standing at 8,163m and its unique shape and ridges allow the mountain to be approached from all directions. 

With its snowy peaks, it is an astonishing site, standing like a wall of snow and ice cutting through this breathtaking landscape. This diverse mountain has six climatic zones: the tropical and sub-tropical zone with an elevation varying between 1,000–2,000 meters. There is then the temperate zone, which sits in an elevation range of 2,000–3,000 meters. Next is the sub-alpine zone which has an elevation range of 3,000–4,000 meters. The alpine zone with a range of 4,000–5,000 meters. Finally, the Arctic zone lies above 4,500 meters and is the least accessible and hospitable section of this beautiful mountain.

Manaslu Conservation Area

The Manaslu region has a famous conservation area. The region is home to thirty-three species of mammal, including musk deer, snow leopards, and Himalayan Tahr. With over 110 species of birds and 1500 to 2000 species of flowering plants, this is an area of extreme natural beauty. 

Special permits for Manaslu and Tsum Valley

In this area of scientific importance, it is important to pay attention to local advice and instruction to care for the local wildlife and flora, and fauna. Important work is carried out here throughout the year and it is important visitors respect this and pay attention to the conservation area. A special permit is required for both Manaslu and Tsum Valley at an additional cost to try and ensure the care of the conservation area.

Cultural importance

The valley has amazing sights such as Milarepa’s cave and the monastery at Mu Gompa and Rachen Gompa which has nuns of the Ngak-pa sect. On an evening, visitors are welcomed into the various monasteries where there are fantastic views over the landscape. Here, the people have their own language and culture meaning as you explore you will gain real insight into this varied nation and its amazing cultural diversity.

Best time to visit Manaslu Tsum Valley

The best time of year to visit is either between March and May or September to December to avoid the most extreme weather.