Useful informations of Manaslu Circuit Trek

Nature and Culture

Manaslu is a conservation area, protecting a diverse range of plant and animal life as well as a rich cultural heritage. Among these are 2,000 species of plants and 11 different types of forest. It is home to many rare animal species including the snow leopard, grey wolf, and the Himalayan Tahr. Local culture is centered around the main religion of Buddhism and the trek includes the chance to experience the peace of a Buddhist monastery first hand. As you begin to ascend, you will find that many of the villages are more Tibetan than those lower down, so you can see the changing culture and appreciate the uniqueness of each one.

Overview of Manaslu Circuit Trek

Baseri is the point where your trek begins and from there you will progress through beautiful forests, Gurung villages and arrive at Maccha Khola. Traveling over some steep terrain, you will have the chance to appreciate many natural and cultural points of interest whilst passing through the Budhi Gandaki river, ridges, and villages of Jagat, Deng, Namrung, Samagaon. From the panoramic views of Annapurna Himalayas, Kangaru, Chio Himal, and Himlung Himal at the highest point of the trek at Larkya La Pass to the waterfalls, forests, villages, pastures and terraced farmland of the lower regions of Tilije, Tal, and Syange as you descend, each day of your mountaineering trip will be special. 

What can be seen during Manaslu Circuit trek?

Starting with the chance to tour the sights in Kathmandu, other expeditions will take you to the monastery of Pungyen Gompa, set in a lovely landscape and rich in nature, culture, and tradition. You will also have astounding views of glacier moraines as you follow the banks of the Budi Gandaki River upwards. After spending the evening and night immersed in the culture of the local villages or camping out under the stars, wake up to a different view each morning; breathtaking mountain peaks, magical forests, and rushing rivers. 

Physical fitness and other requirements

The trek is a rewarding experience, however, you will need a certain level of fitness to get the most out of your peak climbing adventure. You will be trekking many hours each day, much of which is at higher altitudes, therefore you should be physically fit, with some experience of walking or trekking to cope with this strenuous trek. Our professional guides at Nepal Mountain Trekkers will ensure that acclimatization and all other health and safety measures are in place. As well as stout walking boots and warm, comfortable clothing, it's a good idea to bring water purification tablets and toilet roll with you as accommodation is either in basic tea houses or tent camps.

The cost of your trip includes the Manaslu Conservation Area fees, a Manasalu Special Permit, an Annapurna Conservation Permit, and a TIMS card.

Best season for Manalsu Circuit Trekking

The best time to undertake the Manaslu Circuit Trek in the spring season is between March and late May when the rhododendrons are in full bloom. In the autumn, the best time is between early September and late November when the forests are green and there is very little chance of rain. The Manaslu Circuit is a must for serious mountain trekkers on the lookout for a very special experience.