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4 informations of Makalu Base Camp Trek

Virgin and Off-the-beaten routes

Trekking to Makalu was not open for foreigners and is still a restricted area which can be embarked upon with the special permits only. Hence, the region is still unexplored to the maximum extent. The precious culture, tradition and history along with various species of birds, wildlife and vegetations are being preserved in Makalu region till the day. Trekking thru virgin and off-the-beaten routes of Makalu is an opportunity to discover them all.

En route

Following the Arun River Valley along the trail and exposing the flora and fauna in the Makalu Barun National Park, Makalu region treks gets initiated. En route, the trekkers enjoy their hike with the jaw-dropping sceneries of Himalayas, the snow-clad landscapes, moist forest, high-altitude terrains, glaciers and glacial lakes. Nevertheless, the lifestyle and culture of the indigenous ethnic group like Rai, Limbu and Gurung along with their foods, uniforms and festivals is an additional merit.    

Physical fitness and requirements

With a nestled togetherness of natural beauty and cultural enrichment along with the taste of adrenaline sensation, trekking in Makalu is an ultimate combo for the travel enthusiast. However, the treks and expeditions in the Makalu region of Nepal are physically demanding and arduous. The trekkers must possess sound physical fitness along with regular exercising routines to be qualifies for Makalu region treks

Any previous climbing or trekking experiences are not mandatory if you have a positive attitude and endurance. Moreover, a good knowledge on trekking routes of the highly skilled trekking guide and required gears and equipment will lead you to the successful and safe journey.

Best time for this trek

Travelling is always amazing but if you travel at the right time, all the incredible aspects of a place can be exposed. From the months of March to May in the spring and September to November in the autumn, Makalu region treks are faultless. With favorable weather conditions and blooming of flora and fauna, the time-frame is just flawless.