Useful informations of Helambu Cultural Trek

Natural Blissfulness

Though the trek is popular as cultural trekking, the blissfulness of nature is indisputable. Regardless of being nearby the Kathmandu city, the Helambu village still is away from the impacts of urbanization.  A traveller embarking on Helambu Cultural Trek gets an opportunity to expose the extreme beauty of the astounding landscapes, walk thru the lush bushes and notice a wide range of floras and faunas. Nevertheless, the jaw-dropping vistas of mountaintops and whistling of cascading waterfalls are beyond imagination.

Langtang National Park and Shivapuri National Park

Multicolour Rhododendron forests, green and refreshing terraced fields and the high hills and valleys, various species of herbs and vegetations in the Langtang National Park and Shivapuri National Park is some of the rejoicing attractions during the hike. Moreover, the traveler can also spot several species of threatened wildlife along the trail. The hypnotic scent of the bushes with a backdrop of the Himalayas takes the trek to a different level.

Lifestyle and Culture

Since it is a cultural heritage trek, the most important aspect of this trek is none other than the lifestyle and culture of the locals. The region is inhabited by people of diverse ethnicities. The unity in diversity among the Hindus and the Buddhists is a pride of the Helambu region. Tourists will be blessed to explore the traditions and rituals of both religions during the trek. We can spot several temples as well as monasteries along the trail which signifies religious harmony.  And in the small settlements as well as hamlets where we stop and rest or stay overnight, the warm hospitality and harmony leave you with no words.

Eligibility for Helambu Cultural Trek

Helambu Cultural Trek is short, easy and comfortable trekking and hiking experience in the Langtang region of Nepal. It doesn’t demand any physical challenges or require any past trekking experiences. The trek can be suitable for any travel and tours lovers who have a leisure time of about 10 days or less. The only thing necessary to choose the trek is passion and enthusiasm towards exploring the rich culture and traditional lifestyle with a touch of natural wonder.

Best Time for Helambu Cultural Trek

The trek can be organized anytime around the year as per the specification of the trekkers; However, Helambu Cultural Trek can be best experienced during Autumn months from September, October and November or Spring months from March, April and May. It is because of the favourable weather, vivid sceneries and the blossoming of flora and fauna along with enjoyable walking trails. Whereas, the winter gets freezing cold and summer brings much too rainfall.

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