Useful informations of Ghale Gaun Homestay Trek

Introducing Ghale Gaun Homestay Trek

An authentic experience of living in the Himalayas with the locals as they do. Our Ghale Gaun Homestay trek takes you to the traditional village walking thru bushes sighting the eye-dazzling sceneries of mountaintops, exploring the subtropical vegetations and rare flora and faunas, experiencing the thrill of crossing suspension bridges, and many more. The cascading waterfalls and mesmerizing whistling of birds add some more charm to the trek.

Lifestyle and Culture

Ghale Gaun Village is very popular among tourists for homestay treks ever since the scope of trekking began. The trek is well-known especially for its close insight into Gurung culture, tradition, and lifestyle. As the name suggests, tourists will be staying in the local homes and visit around the places of attractions nearby Ghale Gaun. One of the major attractions of this also includes exposing the festivals celebration, cultural dances and uniforms, foods and cuisine, handicrafts, and so on.

Attractions of Ghale Gaun Homestay Trek

Astounding panoramas of Annapurna, Himchuli, Mt. Manaslu and other peaks will rejoice the trekkers from the physical tiredness of the hike. The small settlements and the mixed culture with unity in diversity represent the harmonious nature of the people. Whereas, various Buddhist monuments including the holy and spiritual Monasteries, Chortens and freely blowing prayer flags along the track conveys peace to everyone.

Eligibility for Ghale Gaun Homestay Trek

Ghale Gaun Homestay Trek is a short and easy trek nearby the capital city, Kathmandu which can be completed in less than 10 days. The trek can be suitable for anyone regardless of their age, time frame, profession, or whatsoever. However, one should be physically fit enough to walk at least 3-4 hours a day and have a passion for exploring and learning. Our professional and highly experienced team who belongs to the same region will take care of everything else during the trip.

Best Time for Ghale Gaun Homestay Trek

Time-frame is not a matter of big deal to organize the Ghale Gaun Homestay Trek. Nevertheless, to get a proper experience of exploring the blissfulness of nature and culture, we recommend our trekkers plan their schedules in the months of autumn and spring. Due to the blossoming of flora and fauna, favorable weather, vivid sceneries, and high season of festivals, that time frame suits the Ghale Gaun Homestay Trek the best.

Please feel free to contact Nepal Mountain Trekkers without any hesitation in order to get more information about Ghale Gaun Homestay Trek and grab the remarkable experience of your lifetime.