What is the Dhaulagiri Circuit?

As the name implies, this circular trek takes you around a group of mountains dominated by Dhaulagiri, which translates from Sanskrit to “White Beautiful Mountain”. It is ranked seventh highest in the world. 

This is remote and wild terrain, with glacier features and views that will leave you lost for words. One of its many advantages is that though Dhaulagiri has been climbed successfully many times since 1960, it's still a rare chance to see natural wonders that few people experience in their lifetime.

Two summits and true wilderness

Another reason this trek stands out from similar adventure activities is that you get to experience the exhilaration of reaching two summits. On the circuit, you will climb Dhaulagiri French Col at 5400 meters, then go onwards to Dhampus Peak which is just over 6000 meters.

This trekking expedition is classed as a medium to a high difficulty level. It is a tough challenge as it goes through true wilderness. Acclimatization is included but this is a camp-based trek, well away from “civilization”. So, don’t expect scatterings of Nepalese villages and heritage sights!

Instead, you will see raw nature and the true magnificence of mountain landscapes. This includes lush alpine vegetation on the lower slopes, rugged rock outcrops, and pristine slopes of snow and ice higher up.

The circuit takes in the narrow Chonbarden gorge, breathtaking views from Dhaulagiri Base Camp, and a fascinating trek through French Pass. It also takes you to the “Hidden Valley", an extremely remote hanging gorge.

What you need to know about this expedition?

The team at Nepal Mountain Trekkers is highly adept at making sure each expedition has the appropriate climbing permits and climbing gears of course. Safety is always the first priority on all expeditions.

The Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek (with Dhampus Peak Climbing) will test you to your limits. It is vital to have a good level of fitness and basic experience of high altitude walking with crampons and picks. In other words, mountaineering experience is not necessary as we can make this incredible trekking experience possible and pleasurable.

For a more detailed literary - and insights into our credentials to lead this expedition in a safe but hugely rewarding way – contact the team at Nepal Mountain Trekkers.