En route

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek offers immense mountains scope of Dhaulagiri encompassing fifteen 7,000m crests. Dhaulagiri Trek in addition to Upper Mustang Trek commences from a place called Darbang which can be accessed within 5-6 hours by driving from Pokhara. Regardless of the fact that you do need a feeling of enterprise and a prolonged aptitude since this surprising trek can be tremendously gainful and nourishing at last as you reach the High Himalayas.

The trekkers shall trek in a recently established stimulating and overjoying area which is full of several long-kept mysteries, like the deepest Gorge on the globe: Kali Gandaki. Geographically, it is a place well-known for its splendid and lavish difference. Our journey shall encounter gigantic mountain passes, pass through French pass (5,360m) and Thapa Pass (5,200m); it is a challenging wander on an arctic trail.

Last forbidden Kingdom

Another noteworthy part of our trek includes the Upper Mustang district which is cautiously done around the Trans Himalayan segment which is generally recognized as the “Last Forbidden Kingdom” and lies in between the rain shadow of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Massifs creating a rugged dried territory sheathed by rocks in all sort of hues and striking courses of action. A short time later toward the finish of our trek, we should dive on towards to Jomsom and after coming to where we might take a flight to Pokhara or we can bring a drive down to Pokhara from Jomsom. Ultimately, we might drive or take a flight back to Kathmandu and end our trek.

Physical Requirements and Best Time

To participate in our Dhaulagiri Circuit plus Upper Mustang Trek, one should be physically sound and capable to adapt to the coming difficulties as our trek demands high physical wellness and past trekking knowledge with a regular exercising routine. This trekking course typically stays shut amid the winter time frames so, for the most part, April to June and Mid-September to Mid-November are esteemed as the best finest seasons to go for this trek. Be set up for an exploratory and bold tough/downhill trek with some eager closures in transit.

Contact and join the Nepal Mountain Trekkers for this extravagant trek through Dhaulagiri Circuit and Upper Mustang.