Ravi Kaji Karmacharya

Ravi, a permanent resident of Bhaktapur District of Nepal, is our Executive Director and Technical Leader. He handles the Information Technology department of Nepal Mountain Trekkers. Along with technical knowledge and information, he is also passionate and enthusiast about travel and tourism. The keen interest in travelling and exploring is the reason he decided to shake hands with a trekking company instead of the IT Company.

Ravi has a very strong belief that there is a wide scope of tourism in Nepal. He has explored different parts of Nepal and a very good acknowledgement of the natural beauty of Nepal. With his Royal Enfield and a camera, he is one of the solo travellers who love spending time with nature alone. Moreover, he is a spiritual person and possesses deep insight into love, life and nature. He often spends time meditating and doing yoga.

He holds a degree in Computer Science and decades of experience of working in this field. But he believes that your profession and passion are two different things. Hence, Nepal Mountain Trekkers feel proud to have such a great personality in our team. With his leadership, we are very optimistic about the achievement of our goals.