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Everyone needs some time on their own or with their dearest ones, far from the crowd and hectic lifestyle to enjoy the freedom and the real meaning of life, or maybe to get some peace.
August 31, 2023

Janai Purnima and Gai Jatra

Nepal, a land brimming with diverse traditions and cultural celebrations, rejoices in many festivals that signify its vibrant cultural tapestry. Two of...
June 30, 2023

National Paddy Day – Asar 15

Asadh 15 – National Paddy Day, celebrated on the full moon day of the Nepali month of Ashad (June/July), holds immense cultural importance in Nepal. “National...
March 4, 2022

Is it safe to travel to Nepal in 2022?

Considering the Coronavirus and the variants that caused the travel bans worldwide, and still is causing trouble, how safe it is to travel in this kind...
February 18, 2022

What’s special about Kathmandu?

Well, what’s so special about Kathmandu? And what’s so special around Kathmandu? What are the places to visit and things to do here?
February 11, 2022

Spring 2024 and places to visit in Nepal

The winter is close to the end and so is the coldness that has been freezing our lives and freedom to travel for more than 2 years now. The beginning of...
December 8, 2020

New Height of Mount Everest Announced

Today, on 8th December 2020, the new height of Mount Everest has been announced as 8848.86 meters ( 29,031.69 feet) by Nepalese Foreign Minister, Pradeep...