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Nestled between India and China, the mountainous country of Nepal was declared a republic in 2008, and you will notice its rich cultural history everywhere you turn. Believed to be the birthplace of Buddha, Nepal's mountainous terrain attracts individuals seeking both spiritual enlightenment and exceptional trekking opportunities. With all this and more, it's little wonder so many people flood to the area, enjoying some of the best Nepal tours for mountaineers and nature lovers alike.

Nepal is around 500 miles in length, and its most prominent geographical feature is the Himalayan mountain range. Mount Everest is the highest point on the planet at a shade over 29,000 feet, but many people are unaware that Nepal actually has in total eight out of the highest ten mountains in the world! These mountains are not suitable for novice trekkers, but there are plenty of Nepal tours for beginner climbers available on more accessible peaks.

Nature, culture and adventure
Due to its rich culture and opportunities for adventure, Nepal truly has something to offer everyone. In Nepal, tours are available that venture over some of the country's most challenging peaks, ideal for experienced trekkers, while tours that visit museums, villages and palaces are available for those looking to soak up as much culture as possible.

Trekking is popular in Nepal, due to the breathtaking landscape of the country; even at lower levels, the views are astounding. Panoramic views of Mount Everest can be enjoyed on tours of Nepal and the country's vibrant green landscape provides a colourful contrast to the snow on the mountain peaks.

As Nepal is a very spiritual country, the culture is very relaxed and calm. The country has more public holidays (36) than any other nation in the world and is very strongly influenced by both Indian and Tibetan culture. During a tour of Nepal, you will find locals are very welcoming and are more than happy to discuss their culture with individuals.

When exploring Nepal, tours offer multiple opportunities to enjoy the rich nature of the country, from bird watching to viewing royal Bengal tigers and horned rhino at the Bardiya National Park.

Activities and major attractions
Mount Everest aside, Nepal is home to a number of popular tourist sites, and one of the most famous is Lumbini, the birthplace of the 'Lord Buddha' - Lumbini has earned the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. A tour through Nepal that visits Lumbini can be a great way to experience the historically significant site. On a tour, you may see people practising Dandi Biyo, which is one of the most popular things to do in Nepal. This game involves a simplified form of cricket with a stick and a pin, with a batsman and fielders competing.

Health and safety
Whilst on a tour of Nepal, it is important to ensure you look after yourself and stay safe. Do not venture on a tour without the right equipment, tour guide or experience. Whilst walking or climbing remembers to stay hydrated and do not push yourself whilst trekking, Nepal is a beautiful country that should be enjoyed at your own pace. As you ascend peaks remember to always use adequate SPF, even if the weather does not feel warm, as the higher you climb the more your skin will be exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays.

Weather and climate
When you decide to visit Nepal can be greatly influenced by what weather you wish to experience, luckily tours in Nepal are available year-round. Autumn is often considered the best season to go trekking in Nepal as the skies are usually clear and the temperature is pleasant but not so warm trekking is uncomfortable. As the country transitions into Winter, between the months of December to February, the temperature drops and snowfall is often expected. During this season tours become more challenging as some mountain passes won't be accessible.

Why go on Nepal tours?
Trekking tours in Nepal give you the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of some of history's greatest explorers. Although climbing Everest may be out of your reach, simply seeing the World's highest mountain is inspiration enough for many. The most popular trekking region in Nepal isn't actually Everest in terms of total numbers visiting - Annapurna welcomes more than 100,000 people per year as the area is highly accessible and includes many guest houses and the town of Pokhara.

Lifestyle and people
Nepal is home to just under 29 million people, and they have a reputation for providing a very warm welcome to international guests - you will find that a little 'namaste' goes a long way! There are more than 90 languages and 100 different ethnic origins amongst the population, giving a real 'melting pot' feel as you tour through this beautiful country.

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