Trip Grade

Trip Grade

Grade 1 or Easy:
Grade 1 or easy graded treks are those trips that can be joined by anyone without any prior trekking experience. It is easy graded; therefore, it can be joined by kids, the elderly and every member of a family. These easy graded treks in Nepal do have some uphill and downhill walks in an itinerary that can be achieved without much effort. Also while embarking on these easy graded treks, there should not be any fear of altitude sickness as these treks do not go above about 3,000 meters. There will be great Himalayan sunrises, sunsets and landscape views with plenty of local cultural exploration and learning opportunities. The easy Graded treks are usually short in duration.

Grade 2 or Moderate:
Grade 2 or moderate graded treks are obviously little challenging than grade 1 or easy graded treks, but still most of travel enthusiasts with normal fitness level are able to enjoy these trips comfortably. Altitude can go high upto 4600 meters above sea level and our trained trekking leader will ensure all of the team are properly acclimatized. During our grade 2 or moderate graded treks, there will be even close views of glorious Himalayas, enthralling sceneries and offers best experiences while trekking in Nepal.

Grade 3 or Strenuous:
Grade 3 or Strenuous Treks also can be joined by any physically fit travelers who have a passion for walking and exploring but these treks are best enjoyed if you have previous trekking experience.
Mountaineering and expedition experience is not required but if you have been to higher altitudes before then you have an idea what it will be like. Altitudes in strenuous graded treks can reach up to 5,500 meters, pass through high passes; you might have to climb steeply, and in some areas walking on snow may also be necessary.
These treks can be for periods of between 10 to 24 days. You will experience the never seen before views of the Himalayan landscapes, and cultures and traditions that you might have just read about in books.

Grade 4 or Fairly Strenuous:
Grade 4 or Fairly Strenuous trekking routes above 5,550m. In treks of this grade, AMS is highly probable and you are obliged to be in a very good physical condition and have previous experiences. In addition, rope climbing and mountaineering skills are benefitial since you will be trekking in rocky terrains, crossing glaciers, and go through wilderness. This grade is meant for those who are seeking a real adventure and challenge. Nepal is blessed with numerous fairly strenuous trekking trails to welcome and satisfy the adventure enthusiasts.

Grade 5 or Challenging:
As the name suggests, these are challenging treks, therefore, it is recommended only for those who are ready to take up the challenge and feel the adventure at its extreme. You must possess a high level of physical fitness; training and even mental fitness is required to embark on these challenging treks. The altitude will range above 6,100 meters. Most of these treks will be tented camping treks of more than 20 days and up to a period of one month. There will plenty of uphill, downhill and steep climbing and even the use of ropes at certain places.

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