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In 2015, with an expedition up to Chulu West 6,419m with our valuable Brazilian companions, Nepal Mountain Trekkers (P.) Ltd. was inaugurated.


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In 2015, with an expedition up to Chulu West 6,419m with our valuable Brazilian companions, Nepal Mountain Trekkers (P.) Ltd. was inaugurated. Erstwhile, the contemporary team members were engaged in several reputed travel corporations of Nepal. With an objective of being responsible for the travel and tours enthusiast and unleash nobler treks and tours packages, the segregated squad got unified for the revolution in travel and tourism enterprise as “Nepal Mountain Trekkers”.

Having more than 40 highly experienced Government Licensed trekking staff which includes Trekking Guides, Tour Guides, and Climbing Guides each familiar with different corners of Nepal; NMT is one of the proficient trekking, tours, and expeditions organizers based in Nepal together with organizing treks and tours in Tibet and Bhutan. Courteous and trustworthy dealing qualified us to win the hearts of our respected clients. In two decades of being engaged in this profession, we have made a familiar relationship with the majority of our guests, and since NMT was established, our previous, as well as new clients, have always supported and appreciated us.

More than 100s of packages are on the menu with NMT for all kinds of treks and tours admirers to fit into the varying specifications of people. A luxurious and leisurely one-day tour along with an airport shuttle for those who are short of time to the month-long treks and expedition up to highest peaks thru the rugged trails for long and audacious outing pursuers, we got them all. Certified by the Nepal Tourism Board and a sincere member of Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), NMT is a legally verified tourism company for organizing all those trips.

Being a socially responsible tourism venture, NMT has been engaged in several social and ecological initiatives as well. Awareness programs for the conservation of the environment and sustainable eco-tourism have been the prime objective of NMT. Whereas, we also got involved in numerous social contributions and donations with our own policy of contributing 5% of the annual profit of it. Likewise, another 5% of our annual profit is distributed to the staff as a bonus.

More to the point, NMT is a vast corporation that also incorporates its own hotel suites in various locations including Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan for facilitating the tourists with lavish accommodations during their visit to Nepal. As well as, we also got our own transportations as well as trekking gears and equipment on rentals for the ease of our customers. In a nutshell, NMT is your one-click solution for all that you require to make your Nepal trip convenient and cozy.

Thank you for your valuable time and we hope that our “About Us” page is worth reading. If you have any feedback for us or you would like to know more about us, please let us know via email, telephone, or any other means of communication, whichsoever is handy for you. We would be looking forward to hearing from you.

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Why to choose NMT?

“Safety, Satisfaction and Success”

With the prime motto of, “Safety, Success and Satisfaction”, NMT ensures our clients would acquire the best of our services.

Cost Relevance

While you make an inquiry or book a trip with NMT, we always provide the exact cost quotation mentioning where each of your pence would be spent.

Legally registered trekking company in Nepal

Nepal Mountain Trekkers is a legally registered trekking company in Nepal that is affiliated with the Ministry of Tourism, NTB, TAAN, and NMA.

Eco-Tourism and Social Alertness

NMT uses environment-friendly equipment and bio-products as well as runs a timely campaign to provide awareness for the conservation of the environment.

We are insured. Are you?

To prevent unwanted and unexpected risks that are beyond our control; we have insurance cover for all our staff. And we do recommend all our clients to get insured with the best insurance policy before traveling.

Own Accommodations, Transportation and Equipment

Nepal Mountain Trekkers is a huge enterprise that owes its own accommodations and transportations for the ease of our clients.

100% Personalized Trips

Nepal Mountain Trekkers facilitate our clients with the flexibility to customize the trip itinerary and dates as well as services to be included. You can choose any of our packages and personalize it according to your requirements.